It's Wonderful!

Dear Protek,

     I'm a regular consumer, not a cleaning professional, but I love my Pro-Tek all-purpose cleaner and have ordered it several times over the past 5 years.

     It feels like Christmas every time I order because I know there are going to be little surprises in the box.  I am excited to try the Cleaning Coth, Eco Orange, and the wire brushes.

     I just wanted to say thank you for including those.

Gwen C


Cleaner and Degreaser

My husband works as a tire tech at the mines and comes home covered in grease, rubber, dirt and pretty much anything else. I use this in the washer and it is AWESOME!!! His clothes come out looking great (for the circumstances anyway). Thanks so much!



Thank you for your promptness. I received my last order in just a few days. I am so impressed with your cleaner. My house has never looked so good and with very little effort and it cleans everything. Thank you again and again


 I love it!

 I love to use it on counters and the stove, especially stuff that's been stuck on. It's great for the microwave! My husband even took it to work to clean his restaurant.


Pro-tek Works the Best

As a serious wood worker, my saws accumulate much pitch. I have used many solutions to keep them clean, but Pro-Tek works the best. I also have a cat that has forgotten what a litter box is for and Pro-Tek sure comes in handy cleaning up after him. I am going to try Pro-Tek on my car as soon as the weather permits.


Thank You

I would like more information about your product & would like to possible be a distributor if there is such a program. What impresses me most about this product is that there is no odor & has a wide range of uses. Thank you for creating Pro-Tek.


Use it for Everything

As a motel owner, soiled fabric is a fact of life. As anyone who has ever done the wash or tried to remove a stain knows, treatment is everything. Unfortunately, employees are not motivated to look for things so they can work harder. Getting them to look for stains, so they can scrub several minutes getting them out just wasn't going to happen. We learned to place a spray bottle (of Pro-Tek) in the laundry prep area. As the stains are discovered, they are sprayed then washed as usual. Pro-Tek is like that new tool you just got, and now you wonder how you ever got along without it. We use it for everything, carpets, linen, upholstery, woodwork, etc. We have used Pro-Tek for two years now and have yet to be disappointed. On our shelves Pro-Tek has replaced some very expensive cleaning supplies.



Your product is very versatile and useful. It's been able to get rid of stains that nothing else has. I appreciate its easiness to apply. And it is so safe to use. Thank you. 



Quite honestly I was a little leery about buying your product at first because it was door to door sales, but after your salesman demonstrated it there was no question that it could do exceptional things! I Love it! I use it exclusively for laundry problems, carpet stains, the tar and road stuff on our cars. I had to make up two spray bottles because my son kept taking my bottle from the laundry room to the garage. I also like the fact that it is so safe to use.


Great Smell

 I like the smell. It doesn't have that nasty cleaner smell. I sprayed a hot chocolate stain on my carpet. The stain came right out. Various other cleaners would not take the stain out. I used it on my son's shirt after he had broken an ink pen and got ink all over the shirt. It took several tries, but all of the ink came out. I like using Pro-Tek to clean the grease around the stove too. I have recommended the product to several other friends. I really like how safe it is, too.


All-Purpose Cleaner

It's been nice to finally have an all-purpose cleaner that can out clean all of the other cleaners in our house. It smells better than the other cleaners, too.  


Pro-Tek is the Best

 Protek is the best solution I have found for laundry stains, particularly grass stains. It has a pleasant smell, is easy to use, and a little goes a long way.


Love Your Product

I absolutely love your product. It removes grease, oil and grass stains that get on my clothes at work. I also use it to remove fingerprints from walls, etc. It was great to be able to save money by ordering a gallon jug.

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