VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are released into the air as a solvent-based chemical evaporates. VOCs are believed to contribute to low-level smog and ozone depletion. Pro-Tek cleaners have NO VOCs, which goes far beyond any mandated regulations.

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) may cause potentially carcinogenic formations of nitrates and dioxins in cleansers by reacting with other ingredients. It is rapidly absorbed and retained in the eyes, brain, heart and liver, which may result in harmful long-term effects.

When phosphates from cleaners enter sewers, then waterways, they act as a fertilizer, spawning overgrowth of algae. This overabundance of plant life eventually depletes the water's oxygen supply – killing fish, insects, organisms and microorganisms, thereby affecting the entire aquatic food chain.

Butyl (EGBE) is a neurotoxin that can depress the nervous system and cause a variety of associated problems in humans. It is also listed in California as a ‘toxic air substance’.

Alkaline Builders supply or boost the alkalinity of a cleaner, neutralizing acidic contaminants and aid in dispersing grease and oils.

Biodegradable by dictionary definition: capable of decaying through the action of living organisms. Another, more universally accepted definition: a material that will break down into a natural form, such as: water, carbon dioxide and organic matter within six months.

A surfactant is a soap-like substance (also known as a wetting agent) that decreases the surface tension of liquids in order for the liquid to spread out and improve wetting, thereby making the liquid ‘wetter’ and soils more penetrable. Surfactants also provide emulsification of oily soils.

Carbon Footprint is defined by the amount of carbon emissions a person contributes to the environment, either directly or indirectly. Examples: buying concentrated products requires less packaging and less fuel to haul it to stores, lowering your Carbon Footprint in several ways. Buying products in packaging that has been recycled and/or can be recycled reduces your Carbon Footprint.

The ingredients are listed on the bottle as: alkaline builders and surfactants. More specific information is not Federally required and, in this competitive field of products, formulas and/or ingredient lists are considered proprietary.

Pro-Tek Cleaner is considered a ‘green choice’ for the above listed reasons – the lack of harmful chemicals and VOCs, and the reduced Carbon Footprint due to its concentrated technology and recyclable bottle.

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